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What if I told you that all you need to know if God existed (however...Read More
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art by paske, creature in tranquility, peace in front of a tree, love in meditationIf you're fed up of doing the same, believing the same, acting the same, and expecting different results then it's time for a change.

Live a Life of Truth. 

To start anew you must deconstruct your life and rebuild it on the foundation of truth. Why? In truth there is freedom; and happiness. You can, like the Phoenix, die and be reborn. And when you do, peace will be waiting.

Find Love, Discover Happiness. 

The choice is yours. Are you ready to change? I dare you to challenge your life here and now. Let me be a part of that journey. My name is Nicholas S. and this is your world. Welcome to A Healthy Earth.


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little god with a goldfish with the words is there a god in the background.


TO LOVE AND fall to your knees not knowing why is to look up and not see the string of beauty woven in the stars. More on Love


THE EYES ARE no more the windows to our souls than the nose is its chimney and the mouth the front door. The idea of the soul is a romantic piece of fiction no more real than True Love or Destiny or God, each made in the image of FEAR. Read More.


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what-is-wrong-with-our-current-perspective We kill and murder and support a system that is constantly abusing us, raping us, and killing us. Our health system has failed and we constantly...
the-meaning-of-religion Religion has gotten a bad name over the years. This in part has to do with the decision to institutionalize religion and in part towards the...
the-eye-contact-relationship-epidemic When was the last time you looked someone in the eyes? And for how long did you hold that gaze before you shyly looked away, staring at the floor...
I often wonder what goes through the mind of a teacher when they tell a kid, “There is no such thing as a stupid question.” I wonder...
the-fiction-of-tomorrow There are so many pieces of fiction that have entered our lives at varying points in history and each with their own origin and degrading quality...

beautiful sunset by cole rise

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Written on 08/24/2013, 14:32 by Nicholas S.
extremists-bad-for-the-religions-or-for-the-religious There’s a popular ideological trend about extremists. Most people find them to be bad news and whether they are a part of a religious or political group (or some other belief system), extremists represent the minority and therefore their actions, which can be on the ‘extreme’ side, should not have any bearing on the majority or on the belief system itself. When I hear this I wonder if there is any truth to it. Surely you must have wondered the same. And in order for us the see the truth of whether the extremist are...Read More
Written on 08/22/2013, 07:28 by Nicholas S.
is-science-based-on-faith Faith and Science The two: science and faith have been used interchangeably to describe one another – mostly science has been described as being based on faith. And yet both couldn’t be more different than night and day. To understand why that is we must first understand the key fundamentals of each: of science and faith. Understanding Science All science is is observation. The word itself derives from root which means “to know.” And how else are we to know anything if not by our senses. These tools we...Read More
Written on 08/21/2013, 09:38 by Nicholas S.
is-the-need-for-comfort-in-religion-and-god-real Recently, I’ve been asked “If religion and God brings comfort to a person, why should anyone interfere with that? The Comfort Religion Brings Have you ever thought about the word comfort and all the many implications that word takes on? Many people only tend to see the cover; the definition; the bare bones of that word ~ comfort. Comfort is relief, a state of relaxation. And most people fail to see the whole implication, especially of all that word doesn’t imply. Comfort applies to those who seek relief. Let that...Read More

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untold-ultimatums-in-relationships OH ULTIMATUM, HOW very well acquainted we are. A person we’re familiar with gives us choices, where the choosing of one leads to a breakdown...Read More
the-old-ways-or-something-like-it WE’VE COME TO a crossroads. The road splits and a decision must be made. Bending to the left is the old ways or something like it. To the...Read More
are-you-independent-or-are-you-needy WE ARE NEEDY. This is all too apparent to the casual observer, and yet how many of us have noticed? Or maybe you disagree. Maybe you think you are...Read More
misunderstanding-science THERE IS A certain misunderstanding when it comes to science. When we hear science spoken about from across the world, from pulpit to classroom,...Read More
finding-our-if-god-exist-part-one What if I told you that all you need to know if God existed (however you define God) is not a degree in theology or one in physics or that you...Read More
the-simplicity-of-freedom SIT quietly and watch the lovely sky in the morning as the orange light reaches across the clouded canvas touching everything in its path until...Read More
live-a-life-of-truth Live a life of truth. Sounds simple enough, right? And pretty logical too. But how many of you know what truth is, because if you do not know what...Read More
journey-into-belief-5-putting-it-all-together Understanding belief is simple once you’re able to see it as it is, in its entirety; whole and as one. And to understand belief you must...Read More
finding-happiness-has-always-been-within-reach HAPPINESS IS JUST a word if we really do not feel it in our bones or live it in our lives. When fear and loneliness creeps up on you, sorrow hits...Read More

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Don’t play the relationship game. Why would you play if all you can ever get from the dependent and lonely world of relationships is a dependent and lonely mind? Step out of the game, stop playing, because life is not a game.
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SHE rests her head against my own and I think, what perfection, this moment is. If only it could be captured, what immortal frame shall I hang this picture from, this moment which we take for granted which seems to last forever is already fixed to die in some imperfect and already fading memory not just to be broken down but to be forgotten entirely and without pause; no time taken to bury it or wish it farewell as it is laid out among a sea of its kind: of Once Upon a Times and Long Forgotten Memories. Read More


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extremists-bad-for-the-religions-or-for-the-religious There’s a popular ideological trend about extremists. Most people find them to be bad news...Read More
is-science-based-on-faith Faith and Science The two: science and faith have been used interchangeably to describe one...Read More